About Me


Hazel Portpholio

Welcome to Kimberley Berridge Make-up Art

I am a creative and experimental Make-up Artist from the Isle of Man.

Working with local photographers and filmographers, I am lucky enough to be able to express myself in many forms of make-up, from the natural and beautiful ‘no make-up’ looks to the absolutely outrageous. I have a broad spectrum of make-up abilities and I am constantly learning and seeking new knowledge and skills.

Something that I adore is alternative make-up, where I can really let loose and experiment with colours, shapes and textures. I like transforming people into whatever they want to be; whether it’s just a more polished version of themselves, or something completely different.

Getting involved in different projects that require make-up and meeting people from all walks of life who are passionate about what they do is something that really makes me tick. The Isle of Man is absolutely filled to the brim with very talented people, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with many of them.

Through make-up I have met some fantastic talented and creative people, and for that I feel truly blessed.

Black and white Title Photo: Hazel Walsh Photography